Kre8now Newsletter #005: September

Hello makers. We hope your summer was fun, we know our’s was! Kre8now has some exciting events coming up as well as updates on projects from our members.

Upcoming Events

Redbull Flugtag | August 27th

Our members have been making an awesome glider to fly at the Redbull Flugtag this Saturday, August 27th. Join us in Louisville to show your support for Lexington makers!!

Parking Day | September 17th

We're turning a parking spot on Short street in front of the Village Idiot into a micro park for a day. Stop by and support Kre8now or make your own contribution for the micro-park.

Pokemon Go: Lexington League | September 18th

Kre8now is celebrating our local Pokemon gamer community breaking 4000+ members at West 6th Brewery. Enjoy games for all ages (and drinks for the adults) sponsored by West 6th. Come make Pokemon-themed carnival games any Saturday until the event.

Current Projects

Some notable new projects from Kre8now members are:

  • Tom’s Zip-Tie Furnishings. They were cut on our CNC while testing our X/Y/Z calibrations. They are awesome and super well fit for a sturdy hold. Good zip ties help too!

  • Willis made a DIY propane furnace for melting down certain metals. This sucker gets HOT!

  • Chris Short made a 3D printed lantern out of copper-based 3D printing filament on our Bukitos. Awesome!!

  • Last but not least, progress on our Redbull Flugtag plane. It’s so great to see this project come together. Can’t wait to see it soar!

Reminder: Share your projects on our slack channel to a part of our next newsletter!


Maker Academy has been a strong success at the makerspace. You can still enroll through our website at any time under Group Sessions. We cover all major departments over 8 weeks on Wednesday and Saturday of each week, making sure you get the most out of your Kre8now membership.


Kre8now's workshop license spaces are fully fleshed out with new walls and soon a slap of paint. Our front reception is also now painted with furnishings coming soon.

We still have one premium licensed space at the end of the hall. It's our biggest unit available for $650/month. Features plenty power, Ethernet and the only private closet in the makerspace. Snag it today by reaching out to Doug on Slack or through e-mail [email protected]

Goodbye Patreon

Patreon has treated us so well since we opened our doors but now it's time to move on to something that gives both management and our members more control over our facility. Not to mention, giving more of every dollar contributed directly to Kre8now.

This transition to our own internal system is not immediate. We'll be asking members to move in batches of 5 to 10 members per week. Just don't get worried if you see our numbers drop here, it's part of the plan!

Patreon will still be our source for regular newsletters and other small rewards for monthly contributions under $35/month so stay tuned on that!

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