KSP - Mission #1: First steps "Its not rocket science" (Patron Early Access)
Today I take my first steps into Kerbal Space Programs hard mode career. This is a live commentary video so you are watching this in real time and sorry if I ramble a bit as i'm thinking. Mods list is as follows and I hope you enjoy. MagzTV's Kerbal Space Program Career Mode Mods list Base KSP version: 1.2 Core Mods: Ferram Aerospace Research V0.15.1 "Fanno" Kerbal Joint Reinforcement V3.1.3 Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics V0.21.2 RemoteTech V1.6.4 Better Buoyancy V1.2 Heat Management V0.21a Kerbal Attachment System V0.5.1 Kerbal Inventory System V1.1.2 Docking Port Alignment Indicator V6.2 Kerbal Alarm Clock V3.3.1.1 Kerbal Engineer V1.0.16.6 TweakScale - Rescale Everything V2.1 SCANsat V12.0 RealChute Parachute Systems V1.3.2.3 Transfer Window Planner V1.3.0.1 Deadly Reentry V7.0.1 "The Melificent Edition" Parts Mods: DMagic Orbital Science V1.0.3 NovaPunch V2.09 USI Karbonite V0.6.1 USI Karbonite Plus V0.4.0 USI Modular Kolonization System V0.30.1 USI Life Support V0.1.2 Universal Storage V1.1.0.2 USI Survivability Pack V0.3.0 Procedural Fairings V3.13 Bahamuto Dynamics Parts Pack V1.2.0 Firespitter V7.1.1 Stockalike Station Parts Expansion V0.3.2 Hooligan Labs Airships V4.0 USI Exploration Pack V0.4.0 QuizTech Aero Pack V1.2.5 Atomic Age V2.0 Kerbal Aircraft Expansion KAX V2.5 Mk2 Stock-a-like Expansion V1.0 Extra Mods: Crowd Sourced Science MechJeb2 V2.5.0.0 Raster Prop Monitor V0.19.2.2 Active Texture Management Chatterer V0.9.1 Community Tech Tree V2.1 Science Alert V1.8.7
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