KSP Mod: Draft Twitch Viewers (v 1.2.1)
 Draft Twitch Viewers (DTV) is a mod for Kerbal Space Program which uses web requests to connect to Twitch, and can pick a random user from any channel, and create a Kerbal in-game with that viewer's name. 

- Easy to use interface.

- Draft from any channel, specified in the GUI. Or launch a viewer drawing without adding the winner to the game!

- While getting the channel viewer list, DTV can remove bots (specified by the player/streamer) and viewers with distasteful names.

- Upon attempted draft, an alert is displayed in-game indicating success or failure.

- Customize the draft success message and the drawing success message.

- Fully compatible with both Crew Manifest and Ship Manifest.

- Players can add the viewer directly to the current vessel.

- Rescue your viewers or take them on tours with DTV modified Career Mode Contracts!