He prefers to go by his sirname, Luwak. *pronounced Loo-wahk*

Luwak is the first and most important slave 'servant' to Jen the snackmaster. A vortian, and previously imprisoned on the same planet as 777, his cell was actually right next to his. Jen had come to the planet looking for kitchen servants, and found this very interesting creature.

He's more then just a kitchen slave however, in a turn of events shortly after taking him from the prison, she ended up saving his life when it could have cost her own. Seeing this, the Vortian wonders if not all irkens, though they are bound as invaders and taking over the galaxy, are not all bad.

There were other events that caused Jen to give him more trust then many irkens she knew as well after that.

When not around others, they see each other as friends. When around other irkens however the 'slave and master' concept is still kept.

Luwak is an extremely good snack maker, but excels most in drink related beverages. His collar is part of his slave status and is also a tracker/sensativity pain/pleasure device as most irken owned slaves are required to wear them. It can also remote detonate, in the event of an escape.

Luwak usually travels with Jen wherever she goes, and while not constantly with her, always has a form of contact available to get to her. If an irken had a 'best friend' it would be him.

In personality, he is a bit stylish, hence his glasses, and a tad bit of a diva.

*yes he is named after a coffee*

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