KURO~ Mystic Eyes
Kuro has mystic amber eyes. He's a beautiful boy 😍

Together with his 2 brothers, Hiro and Rei have a story to tell, they were rescued from the dangers of the streets and now they are part of the Gatunitos family. A home where they are very loved.

Kuro is 6 months old, by the end of January he will need vaccines. He would be very happy to receive your help :) 

*If you want to help Kuro you can support us and become a patron  to Gatunitos  to help more Gatunitos like Kuro have a better life. Donations will be used to cover feline medical needs (vaccines, castration, medicine) and daily supplies (food and cat litter)*

*You’ll immediately get access to many  patron-only Full HD Gatunitos Posters, Official Gatunitos Calendar and MORE!!*

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