KxM little drama 12
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Thank [email protected]@!! for supporting~! Lv 1 ~!!
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Thanks ~!  Supporting me~ 

-  Access to Patron

-  Vote points in Polls<3 

-  Get sketches (Exclusive~!)

-  Work in progress(Exclusive~!) 

-  High  resolution images of all contents. (without water mark/ words version)  

Welcome to Lv 2 ~!!
$10 or more per month
 You are amazing ~! And you can get:
  • Vote points in Polls<3 
  • Get sketches (Exclusive~!)
  • Work in progress(Exclusive~!) 
  • High  resolution images of all contents. 

       (without water mark/ words version) 

  • +Step by Step Illustration processing 
  • +2 cute characters Draw(with 2 expression ) , and this is Patron Early exclusive versions!
Lv 3 ~! Help Me make Doujin(fans comic) in english version!
$15 or more per month
WOOOO~~YOU ARE THE BEST ~! And you can get:
  • All the Lv2 staff~!! 
  • +PSD layers file~!
  • +A English version Doujin fans comic !! (I will translate my finished Doujin in English

( delivered to you as the reward on the early upcoming month.  )

SPECIAL Fans Hand Drawing Deliver~!! (4 Quota for this month)
$50 or more per month
AMAZINGGG~! And you can get:
  • All the Lv3 staff~!! 
  • + A 20x20cm Hand Drawing withe signature! 

(It require your address and I will send it to you~!)

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