Kyle-Deacon Paring Pin-Up Reward
I waited an extra couple days because some folks had let me know they were having trouble with PayPal, but it seems like most folks have gotten their payment issues wrangled, so I've now emailed out the Kyle-Deacon Pairing Pin-up to all Patrons whose payments processed correctly for July. (Those emails should arrive within a few minutes of this post going out.)

Painted by Marccus, this was the $7,500 Milestone Goal Reward where y'all got to vote on which two of my characters (from any of my comics), you wanted to see together. And you chose Deacon from Artifice and Kyle from The Young Protectors! (And you also overwhelming voted for it to be extra-spicy. :) )

This is the most explicit pin-up I've commissioned so far, and so of course that's fun, but I'm most happy with the sci-fi story-telling that Marccus created here. The techno-bed, Deacon's charging (and being impervious to Kyle's flames), the beautiful nebula outside the window -- all just very cool.

Please let me know what you think in the comments!

(And because a few folks were still having problems getting their payments processed, I'll also send these out in early September to Patrons who are successfully processed for August. Again, all successfully processed Patrons get the regular desktop version and $10+ Patrons get sent the high-res version with double the resolution. So, if you had trouble getting your payment method sorted for last month, you'll have one more chance this month to get this pin-up. :) )

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support. I really hope you like this.

More soon!