La Bête Version 10 - Public Version!


(If you are a patreon, remember to get the Patreon version and vote on the next animations!)

Version 10! Can you believe we actually have 20 characters in? Pretty neat! 

This version introduces the next big feature, which is a movable player character! You can now move around and interact more fluidly why the hotel. I the future I hope to had more secondary animations to make the whole place feel more alive (moving character, flashing lights, more interaction). 

Hope you guys enjoy and as always feedback is always welcome!

Game chanlog V.10

-4 new girls! (fluttershy - mlp, katia managan - Prequel, Zoroark - Pokemon, Paprika) 

-8 new animations since Version 8

-New feature that allows you to move a character around the hotel

 -Fixed bug where you could still select some characters even if you switched their categories off and they were invisible 

-Optimized some backgrounds to make the game run better

-Fix bug where sienna mouth didn't load if you click her dialogue at a certain point

-Added/fixed small dialogue

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