(La Concha que te Parió!) Shell Bore You! They Catched Me! #044 👍😆🌊2⃣3⃣❤☮
Good morning guys!

Let s go running this morning..but it s rain! I come back at home totally wet..

I went to the beach and there were a lot of seaweeds on the street...do u know why people work the seaweeds? What s the best period to work the seaweeds? What proprieties do they have and what factories can we found them?

See u tomorrow friends, have a super fantastic day! 

I hope u enjoyed this video.

Thanx so much to live these emotions with me every day 😱😻

As Always Don't Forget to be a Warrior Every Day. Believe in Your Energy, Believe in Yourself, Believe in Your..LIGHT! BOOOM!

Love Life Forever and Everywhere Your Path ll Bring U..Peace ☮☯🍀🎐