Lab Rats 2 v0.15.1 Public Release!

Lab Rats 2 v0.15.1 is live! Get it here!

PC: Lab Rats 2 v0.15.1-PC 

Mac: Lab Rats 2 v0.15.1-Mac 

Android: Lab Rats 2 v0.15.1-Android 

Lab Rats 2 v0.15.1 is finished its week of patron bug testing and ready to be released to everyone, absolutely free! Version 0.15.1 brings with it a major overhaul to the serum design system. Each serum trait, the building blocks of the mind altering trait your company produces, now has a chance to generate a side effect. By assigning your R&D division to the task or by testing the serum out on people yourself you can improve your mastery level of a serum trait and reduce the chance it creates a side effect in future serum designs. The serum design UI has been updated to include information about mastery levels and much of other serum related UI has been refined to more conveniently display useful information.

In addition to the new serum mechanics there are a number of new random events and refined old events in the game. New workplace events provide a chance to create serum designs that are normally impossible or to quickly boost your mastery level of a serum trait. At home there are multiple new events that involve your mother and sister, both as loving family members and convenient test subjects.

I hope you enjoy the new version!

A changelog (v0.14.1 to v0.15.1):


- Refactored and redesigned serum design system.

- Eliminated status effects from game.

- Serum traits now have on_turn effects that are processed directly.

- Added primitive serum production trait that begins the game researched.

- All serums now require a production class trait which dictates how many traits and production points it costs.

- All serum traits now have a chance to generate a side effect when they are included in a serum design.

- All serum traits now have a mastery level. The chance to develop a side effect is divided by the mastery level.

- Added long list of side effects.

- Added new class of morning crises. These only trigger at the beginning of a new day.

- Added new "morning suprise" crisis at home.

- Added new "mom selfies" event.

- Updated research screen to support trait mastery.

- Spending time with a girl who is under the effect of a serum increass mastery with that serum.

- Serums can be studied indefinitely to reduce the side effect creation chance.

- Improved date descriptions for family members

- Added "Cowgirl" image set. Currently used for one event.

- Added internal support for girls taking charge during sex.

- Added presplash image to desktop and mobile versions.

- Added new Mom and Lily morning event.

- Section of date dialogue is now differentiated by personality type.

- Added new tutorial screen explaining serum mastery.

- Added new Lily only morning event.


- Serums that change sluttiness no longer contribute to goals that require active corruption.

- Serum completion crisis no longer teleports employee in on the weekend to present you the thing you just made.

- Arousal now resets after having sex on a date.

- Corrected Sunday being considered a paid day and Friday being considered a weekend.

- Fixed winner of catfight crisis not having obedience or happiness raised.

- Fixed inverted obedience check when highly aroused and stripping.

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