Lab Rats 2 v0.17.1 Release Notes

Lab Rat 2 v0.17.1 is live and available to everyone! You can find the download links here! 

Lab Rats 2 v0.17.1 

LR2 v0.17.1 marks the beginning of phase two of development. Phase two is focused on introducing new characters, writing story arcs for these characters, and generating new content for existing systems. To kick this off this update introduces two new family members: Rebecca and Gabrielle, your aunt and cousin. When your aunt falls on hard times you and your family take her in and give her a chance to get back on her feet. Your loner cousin, dragged along through the ordeal, is less than happy about the arrangement and makes it abundantly clear. Both characters have storyline events, locations, and  actions that can present interesting and effective ways to corrupt them.

In addition to this new story based content there have been changes, additions, and fixes to a wide range of systems in the game. The corruption system has been tweaked to allow sluttiness, one measure of a girls corruption, to be increased slowly without any use of mind altering serum. There have been a number of new patterns added for different pieces of clothing, and a couple  have been rerendered to fix issues with clipping. Internally new systems have been added to allow for events to take place when you enter a location or begin talking to the person, both of which are already in use with some new events. Tooltips have been added in some places, the map screen has been tidied up, and new personality type has been added.

Enjoy the update!


- Employees will no longer quit during the weekend.

- Thong pattern 1 added

- Lace bra pattern 1 added

- Corset pattern 1 added

- Lace panties pattern 1 added

- Rerendering bobbed and bow hair

- Long skirt being rerendered as monocromatic

- Long Tshirt was rerendered as monocromatic

- Cotton panties added

- Thin panties pattern 1 added

- Added bobbed hair style.

- Improved hair style contrast.

- Added Cousin (Gabrielle) character.

- Added Aunt (Rebecca) character.

- Added Starting wardrobe for Gabrielle.

- Added starting wardrobe for Rebecca.

- Added new "Introvert" personality type and associated dialogue.

- Map screen now uses hex co-ords instead of raw screen position. Map locations updated for new system.

- Added support for events triggered when you enter the same room as someone.

- Added support for events triggered when you start an interaction with someone.

- Added long chain of aunt introduction events.

- Added action for helping your aunt move.

- Added long chain of cousin introduction events.

- Added cousin blackmail related events.

- Added event for sharing drinks with your aunt.

- Temporary sluttiness is now uncapped (was previously capped at core+suggestability+10)

- Temporary sluttiness above core+suggestability returns to normal "core" amount very quickly, up to 5 per turn.

- Temporary sluttiness above core but within core+suggestability converts to core sluttiness, with a suggestability % chance each turn to change 3 temporary into 3 core.

- Temporary sluttiness above core+suggestability has a chance to convert to 1 core sluttiness each turn, with an 100% chance if it is 5 or more higher. Serum use makes corruption faster and more efficent, but is not strictly nessesary.

- Adjusted blue and red character fonts to be lighter and more readable.

- Long sweater pattern 1 added

- Strapless Bra pattern 1 added

- Added a tooltip to serum produciton line screen explaining production weight and autosell thresholds.

- Added indication that giving a performance review will take a turn.


- Fixed incorrect call to mc_title variable in personality dialogue.

- Fixed function typo in mom texting random event that was causing a crash.

- Fixed dialogue typos.

- Removed ability to schedule multiple dates for the end of the week, including multiple dates with the same person.

- Changed home front hall image from old apartment lobby image to new living room image.

- It is no longer possible to bring up the goal screen while in the map movement screen.

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