Lab Rats 2 v0.18.1 Public Release!

v0.18.1 is Live! Get it Here! 

UPDATE: v0.18.2 has been released to improve the stability of the new version. It fixes many of the errors and crashes reported in v0.18.1.

PC: Lab Rats 2 v0.18.2-PC 

Mac: Lab Rats 2 v0.18.2-Mac 

Android: Lab Rats 2 v0.182-Android 

Lab Rats 2 v0.18.1 has finished it's week of patron bug testing and is ready for it's public release! This new version comes with a hefty change log, with progress along three major fronts. First, Rendering improvements have been made and display methods have been updated, improving clothing and body quality throughout the game. Second, menus and action results have been updated to improve their functionality and player education. Third, new content has been added throughout the game. This new content includes the reintroduction of the Lab Rats 1 character Alexia as well as new dialogue, descriptions, and choices. Across the board the game continues to grow and improve!

Changes to the way character bodies are rendered have eliminated graphical artifacts where the head and body images meet and the image library of character bodies has been re-rendered. Character hairstyles have also been reviewed, with many of the previous hair styles being tweaked to have their contrast or brightness better match the rest of the game. All of these changes are part of an ongoing effort to improve the characters displayed in Lab Rats 2.

Menu functionality and gameplay feedback have received some attention this update. The changes that have been made seek to better inform the player about the results of their actions, as well as to highlight what actions might be possible under different scenarios. The list of sex positions has been changed to highlight the effects of each position will have on a girls corruption, as well as display what positions are possible only due to obedience or are blocked by clothing. The basic work tasks have been updated to display how much you individually produce, and when hovered the tasks now display what stats and skills are important for them. Unhelpful menu options have been trimmed from the game to keep the gameplay choices as clear as possible.

The last and perhaps the most exciting changes, new content has been added throughout the game. Alexia from Lab Rats 1 has been reintroduced, coming back into your life after a year of travel to "find herself". Her personal storyline, which will receive further content in future updates, prompted the addition of relationship statuses for all girls. Some women may already be in a steady relationship or married when you meet them, and corrupting them is more difficult. There is also new content inside of the sex system in the form of condoms. Some girls may ask or demand you put on a condom before having sex. Others, especially as you corrupt them and they become more slutty, may ask you not to use one and to fuck them raw.

I hope you enjoy the update!

Changelog (v0.17.1 to v0.18.1):


- Added four new outcomes to drinking event with aunt: outfit viewing, underwear viewing, stripping, and seduction.

- The person information UI now displays any time a character is drawn to the screen instead of having to be explictly invoked in the script.

- Added six new character dialogue fonts.

- Changed Stephanie's font colour to a softer red to improve readability.

- Random characters can now generate with ages down to 18.

- Girls now generate with a relationship status: Single, Girlfriend, Fiancee, or Married.

- Girls now sometimes generate with a number of kids. Older characters and characters in steady relationships are more likely to have kids and more likely to have more kids.

- Updated detailed character info screen to include more personal information.

- Removed "Examine the room" option as it was rarely useful.

- Updated all basic company task tooltips to include the formula used to determine base productivity.

- Tasks now tell you how much production, research, etc. you produce when you perform them.

- Angry emotion can now be shown dynamically during interactions instead of only occuring during story events.

- Added dialogue when you end a sex scene early.

- Slutty and disobedient girls can take control of a sex scene if you try and leave before they orgasm.

- Slutty girls can beg you to stay and help them finish if you try and leave before they orgasm.

- Added dialogue when a girl takes control of a sex scene or when they beg you to keep going.

- Sex position menu now uses textual descriptions instead of sluttiness requirement and cap values.

- Sex position menu now displays tooltips with each position describing the effect it will have on arousal and/or sluttiness.

- Adjusted contrast and whiteness of all hair styles to be more consistent.

- Adjusted default hair colours to be more attractive.

- Replaced "red" hair colour with "chestnut". Now a more natural light red-brown.

- Characters now generate with minor variations between hair tones.

- Changed Stephanie's haircut to a shorter cut that more closely matches her LR1 appearance.

- Introduced Alexia as a special character.

- Added three special events related to Alexia.

- The main character can now wear a condom before having sex.

- Girls may ask or demand a character does not wear a condom before having sex,

- Added climax variations to all sex positions where the main character is wearing a condom.

- Wearing a condom reduces arousal gain slightly for both parties.

- Changed "risking getting pregnant" opinion type to "bareback sex" opinion type. Updated all existing references.

- Girls who are in a relationship now have higher love requirements before they will go on a date with you.

- Girls who are in a relationship now have a sluttiness penalty when you attempt to seduce them.

- Added "cheating on men" sex opinion.

- Girls who like or love "cheating on men" reduce the extra love requirement for going on dates,

- Girls who like or love "cheating on men" give a sluttiness bonus instead of a penalty.

- Added titles and possessive titles for characters who are in relationships or have kids.

- Adjusted required love and sluttiness values needed for Mom letting you stay in the room while she changes between outfits.

- Added flirting dialogue variations depending on a girls relationship status.

- Seduction responses vary depending on a girls relationship status.

- Added muliple variations for sex response dialogue within each personality based on current arousal.


- Fixed type in outfit check for one of the cousin storyline events.

- Fixed sister morning event calling "fully naked" dialogue path even when she had undrwear on.

- Fixed chin/body gap issues present in some sex positions.

- Fixed grey line appearing at meeting point of body and head images.

- Attempted fix for outfits not being imported from .xml wardrobe files on android.

- Fixed clothing image masks improperly being applyed, resulting in semi-transparent outlines of each section.

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