Lab Rats v0.19.1 Release

Lab Rats 2 v0.19.1 is live! Download it here!

PC: Lab Rats 2 v0.19.1-PC  

Mac: Lab Rats 2 v0.19.1-Mac 

Android: Lab Rats 2 v0.19.1-Android 

After a week of bug testing by patrons I am excited to release v0.19.1 to the general public. This update includes a whole pile of new content as well as vast improvements to the central menu systems. Included in the new content is the introduction of Nora from Lab Rats 1. Her introduction completes the original cast and brings the total number of unique characters to seven, in addition to the near-infinite number of randomly generated characters!

Aside from the introduction of Nora there are several other major pieces of new content added in v0.19.1. Alexia's personal storyline has received a significant expansion, providing you with a unique way to corrupt her as well at the same time boosting profits for your pharmaceutical business. The clothing system, which allows you to dynamically dress up or strip down characters one piece of clothing at a time, has had multiple new items added. These include two new blouses, socks of various lengths, and two new types of knee high boots. A handful of new default underwear and overwear sets have been added to the game to show off these new items. I hope these will be useful when creating new uniforms for your employees or making outfits for your favourite girls!

This update also includes major improvements to the central menu system of the game. The redesign condenses all of the information that was previously hidden in three different sub-menus into a single screen. This reduces the number of clicks needed to accomplish a task. It is also now much easier to notice when new actions are enabled or when new characters enter the area. The outfit manager has also been improved, making it easier to create new outfit designs. It is now possible to delete, export, modify, or duplicate existing outfits as well as create new overwear sets, underwear sets, or full outfits all from the same screen.


Changelog (v0.18.1 to v0.19.1):


- Updated main decision menu. Now includes information previously hidden in the "Talk to someone" and "Do something" menus.

- Updated main discussion menu. Now includes information previously hidden in the "Chat about something" and "Special actions".

- Removed "Wait here" button in top left panel.

- Added generic "Wait here" option to all locations. Changes into "go home to sleep" option at the end of the day.

- Updated outfit selection manager. Add, modify, duplicate, delete, and export functionality is now all combined on one screen.

- Removed arbitrary (and poorly enforced) restrictions on naming two outfit sets identically.

- The likelyhood of a women being married is more highly dependant on age.

- Reduced relative likelyhood of any woman being a girlfriend in a relationship (vs. being single, engaged, or married)

- Added High Boots clothing item.

- Added Thigh High Boots clothing item.

- Added short sleeve blouse.

- Added short socks clothing item.

- Added Pumps clothing item and one pattern.

- Increased serum mastery gain from test subject study from 0.1 to 0.2 per interaction.

- Added Leotard clothing item to game.

- Rerendered bath robe in flat white.

- Added flowers bath robe pattern (based on old bath robe design).

- Added Love increase option to improved serum testing action with head researcher.

- Fixed layering inconsitencies with one piece underwear that allowed them to be removed even while held in place by other pieces of clothing.

- Added large, multi-staged event for Alexia after she is employeed by you.

- Re-introduced Nora from Lab Rats 1.

- Added University location, unlocked as part of introduction of Nora.

- Added alternative path to reach research tier 2 when Stephanie is your head researcher - talking to Nora.

- Added several new basic underwear and overwear sets to the default wardrobe.


- Fixed Gabrielle generating with a random relationship type (instead of always being single).

- Fixed outfit changes due to sex being stored as part of the original outfit when that outfit was just assigned to the person.

- Fixed Alexia appearing in the game world before her introduction event.

- Fixed character images not updating properly when a girl takes control in a scene.

- Fixed potential issue with serum production when using multiple assembly lines that would result in 0 production progress.

- Fixed crash triggered when a character would ask to give you a new title.

- Fixed crash related to lack of sex positions with the girl in charge, causing an error when she couldn't have sex.

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