Lack of Updates + Good News
Man. Two or three weeks just slips by when you're back to back sick and working on your messed up house. But I'm finally back with some happy news. I am hiring a colorist! Her name is Grace and she is just the best. Once she gets up to speed we can start going back to three updates a week. Expect that in the next month or so as we move toward getting her the equipment she needs to do the work. 

Part of the reason for this change is that I'm tired of having so few updates on the site. I also want time to work on other projects and begin doing commission and freelance work. I decided to get a part time job in order to pay her, so keep spreading the word out there so we can increase our patrons here and I can spend more and more time making cool things for you guys. The new job means that there will be more friction between me and getting pages done until I've settled into a routine, but this particular job should make doing that very easy.

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this time of thin updates. You guys are so awesome.