LADA RAY 2016 BREXIT PREDICTION COMES TRUE (with original excerpt)!

Hello friends,

BREXIT problems and May being attacked from all ends for her half-baked Brexit deal, or 'no deal', has been all the buzz in the news. 

But many probably have forgotten that I made a specific prediction in 2016, as part of the Earth Shift Report 12, THE FUTURE OF THE EU. And in that prediction I foresaw this specific outcome! My prediction that BREXIT will be either faked or won't happen, has played out!

Earth Shift Report 12 was recorded on June 15-16 and published on June 20, 2016, ahead of the June 23 BREXIT referendum vote. The 11 minute audio excerpt above tells you what I was predicting at the time. Among other things, I said the following:

1. If Brexit vote is allowed to be honest, people should vote FOR BREXIT. However, I foresaw some manipulation.

2. The MAIN Prediction: However the vote turns out, I FORESAW THAT THE UK WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BREXIT! The forces that want to keep the UK within the EU will be preventing it from exiting it, or it will be half-Brexit, or it will be manipulated to look like it happened, but in reality it won't. 

As we see, all of this came true, and continues developing as predicted! Please listen to the 11 minute excerpt for additional predictions! 

On Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019 the UK Parliament is supposed to vote on how to proceed with Brexit. Let's see how it turns out tomorrow, and whether my 2016 prediction will continue coming true. You and I know it will, but let's have the UK Parliament confirmation from the horse's mouth! 

Time allowing, I'll try to post my new future predictions on the UK and BREXIT soon.

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