Lady Bast is doing just fine, thank you
  In AMERICAN GODS (the novel), Bast is one of the many surviving gods who is not living well. She's alive, but she almost never bothers to take human form; just looks out through the eyes of every cat everywhere and occasionally appears in dreams. Many of the older gods are suffering because of a lack of worship. I would think that Bast would have reached a certain apogee on Youtube. It's attention, if not worship, though it's hard to say whether a god would see the difference.

  This drawing is a stretch goal for my friend Ursula Murray Husted's Kickstarter, which launches today. It's watercolor, Derwent drawing pencil, brown ink, and white gouache. I think she came out pretty cute, no? And the background elements are getting easier and more interesting, just playing with what watercolor can do.