The Lady & The Pancake
A bit of inspired silliness for Shrove Tuesday: For those tho are not familiar with the history of Shrove Tuesday: historically it is the day that Catholics are supposed to get rid of all animal-related foods, like eggs, milk, fats, and so on in preparation for Lent, which begins on Wednesday. A favorite way to use up said goods was to make pancakes - hence the tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. A bit of popular folklore from England has it that a woman was busily making pancakes when she heard the church bells ringing for evening service. Being thrifty as well as devout, she hauled tail out the door, skillet in hand, and ran to church still cooking the last of her pancakes. This later led to "pancake races" where people re-enacted the events of the tale. - and thus we see Marsha racing along, pancake on the fly. One might suppose that First Prize was a bottle of syrup or something to put on the pancake....
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