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Blake wasn't usually the type to go for a nap.

They had work to do, obligations to meet, books to read... but...

Ruby had asked nicely, and it wasn't like they could just refuse her. Gods knew that one had always had a talent for the puppy eyes.

So, here they were, stretched out on the bed in the middle of the afternoon, staring at the ceiling as Ruby made herself comfortable at their side.

'Honestly, the things I do for this girl...' They grumbled to themself, unable to keep the smile off their face even as Ruby squirmed against their side, her elbow jutting into their ribs.


Ten minutes (and much unneeded squirming) later, Blake is singing a different tune.

Despite their initial objections, it was really quite comfortable, lazing in bed with Ruby beside them and the sun keeping them nice and warm.

They'd nearly dozed off when they felt Ruby moving against them again, the gentlest brush of her hand against theirs, and she takes it, giving a soft squeeze as a warm smile comes across their face.

Ruby gives an almost inaudible squeak and snuggles that much closer into their side, nuzzling their ribs a little, and their smile just widens.

'I could get used to this..' They think, their eyelids growing heavy. 'This is... nice...'


They'd just managed to fall asleep when Ruby gives a soft stroke of their hand, audibly oohing at how good their skin felt.

They wake with a jolt,shooting Ruby a quick Look.

"That's not napping, Ruby." They chide, smiling a little despite themself.

"Sorry." She replies, not looking sorry at all, and Blake blinks.

They must have been more asleep than they thought.

Ruby had abandoned laying beside them entirely, and was instead sitting on her knees and staring into their eyes while sporting the widest grin they'd seen on her in weeks.

"What's up?" They ask, more than a bit bemused.

"Nothin'." Ruby replies, a tad cagily. "Go back to sleep?"

Blake blinks and sits up, a wry grin coming to their lips. "No, come on, what are you doing? Why aren't you napping?"

"I... Look, you were..." Ruby starts, going a bit red, and Blake leans that much closer, barely resisting the urge to chuckle. "You're cute, you know, and like... were right there, and stuff, and..." She shrugs, going even redder. "And I', and you're cute, and-"

"You were watching me sleep?" They jab, grinning wider now, and Ruby shakes her head.

"No, nonono! I was just... not for long? It was just like... yknow! You're cute when you sleep. I was mostly just holding your hand and okay maybe there was a little bit of watching but it was mostly just like, a few glances here and there and like-"

Blake leans over and kisses her, grinning against her lips as they wrap their arms around her and pull her that much closer.

Ruby goes a little red, and Blake just chuckles softly, tipping them both over onto the pillows and peppering Ruby's face with tiny kisses.

"I love you, you gay dork."

"I love you too!" Ruby manages through the giggles, and Blake grins even wider.

"Now... sleep." They murmur, nuzzling softly, and Ruby just smiles, full of affection.


"Goodnight, Blake."

"Sleep well, Ruby."


And they did.