Lagrange Point with OPLL instead of VRC7
Our last Patreon update for post-Episode-19-content, then moving on to our next episode! 

We've recorded the entire Lagrange Point soundtrack with the VRC7 replaced by OPLL audio - all recorded from actual hardware. It almost works out just fine, giving us an alternate take on the soundtrack - the only issue being an obviously-poor patch for a lot of the basslines.

This was recorded directly from Steve's TNS-HFC3 and TNS-HFX4, which happens to have an onboard OPLL.  It's possible to load the NSF file on the TNS-HFC3 and route the output through the TNS-HFX4's OPLL instead of the VRC7 by simply enabling the onboard OPLL.  It basically just "does" this, which is super cool.  Even more interesting --- you can have BOTH the VRC7 and OPLL on at the same time, which gives us an idea for a future video...

Thanks for the support!

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