Lairs and Pre-Alpha Announcement!!

We’re excited to announce the very first phase at which our community will be able to experience Shadow’s Kiss! As with any large project, we’re phasing in the world in incremental steps, but we will soon be ready to allow you to create a character and travel around the game world.

We are starting with Lairs, which exist as the “housing” system in Shadow’s Kiss. You can own any number of Lairs, and you are allowed to determine how the Lair is accessed in the game world. Lair access depends on type; a cavern lair must have a cave entry, a sewer requires a sewer grating, and so forth. All lairs provide special benefits that you would otherwise have to travel in-world to do. For example, since Shadow’s Kiss is a classless game where you “spec” for the role you want to play, each Lair provides a different trainer for the appropriate type of spec. You can allow friends to visit the lairs, and NPCs that you have allied with or dominated will come and visit you (if it’s a type of Lair they like; the high society diva won’t come and visit you in the sewer).

Lairs are available for purchase, and any Lair purchase will grant you access to the pre-alpha when it becomes available in July or August. Also, any Patreon users pledging $10 or more (with at least one successful charge on their credit card) will also be put into the pool for pre-alpha.

We won’t be revealing the features in pre-alpha for a while yet, but we can tell you that Lairs will be among them.

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