The lamestream media and telling the truth
Episode 871   Does the lamestream media even know how to tell the truth, much less know what it is?  Everyday I that I do show prep, I find more and more propaganda and yellow journalism coming from the anti-freedom lamestream media!!!  It's no wonder folks can't get a firm grip on what is going on in America!!!  As they would say on “the X Files”  the truth is out there!!!

What the lamestream media is doing is ignoring facts, period.  You can watch and event side by side to their commentary on that event, and wonder if they are even tuned into the same event you are.  It's amazing to see how easily they can lie and propagandize an event.  What went on in Charlottesville was tragic, but I believe the more damaging thing to our Republic was how the lamestream media reported and comment on what happened.

 Americans need to wake up the the fact that there are anti-freedom folks out there that will lie to your face to get an advantage over you or anyone else gullible enough to listen to them!!!  Folks you need to do your own research to make sure you getting the truth, because if you don't you only have yourselves to blame!!!