Lamp Halo Prompts

Things you said through your teeth

“Say it,” Geoff demanded.

“Never! Only over my dead body, old man!” Ray snarled back without being really in the position to do so.

Okay, fine. He got it.

Charging Geoff and trying to wrestle him down might have not been his smartest move, he admitted that. Just because he was half the size of the man didn’t mean he could expect him to throw him over his shoulder, grab his legs and let him dangle upside down.

Not part of his plan, okay?

“Ray, we can stay here all day long. You weigh nothing and I am quite determined,” Geoff informed him. “Say it.”

“Fine!” It was gravity that made his face flush red, he swore! Gritting his teeth, he mumbled, “You’re kinda really cool…”

“Well, thank you, Rayray.”

Things you said in the spur of the moment

“Jack! Jack!” Michael called from somewhere inside the base and Jack threw Ryan a questioning look but the other just shrugged. It didn’t sound urgent, Michael sounded just annoyed and that was pretty normal for him.

They would find out soon enough because both Michael and Gavin stormed inside, shoving the other out of their way.

“Michael took my phone and won’t give it back, Ryan!” Gavin protested loudly, struggling against Michael’s strength. “I need that and he just keeps playing on it and screwing over my Highscores!”

“Just because you suck! I am actually helping you with being better than you will ever be!”

“You changed all my names to ass crack!”

“Well, did you take a look in the mirror lately!”

“That doesn’t even make sense, you big bully!”

You don’t make sense, ass crack!” Huffing, Michael pointed at his little brother. “Jack, he’s changed every handprint scanner in the base and I can’t get anywhere anymore! I have to wait in front of the door until someone opens it!”

“You deserve it!”

“Shut your mouth, ass crack!”

“Ryan!” Gavin whined, pulling at the sleeve of his guardian. “Michael is being mean!”

“And Gavin is being an ass crack, dad!”

Jack raised his brows and the moment Michael’s brain caught up to his mouth, he blushed furiously. “I never said that! Never happened!”