The land of my people
My grandma's family is from The area around Quebec City. The names Bourget & Laroche go WAY back to the beginnings of New France. I can trace them both to France leaving from La Rochelle. These two families both lived in the areas from Quebec City, Three Rivers, down to Montreal. I have been learning about the history of Canada since my arrival and it is fascinating. From the French aligning with the Amerindians, to the building of the fort to fight the Americans... to the use by the English to fight in the world wars (when Canada wasn't yet Canada). Today we toured the citadel and I learned about the Van Doos... the nickname for the 22nd Regiment that fought in WWI. The battle in the mud fields of Belgium. The wind was incredible today. The cold was bone chilling up in the old city... and we walked the cobbles wrapped up in scarves and hats. This maybe the land of my people... but I am not sure that I have what it takes to be a Canadian... fur doesn't seem like such a bad idea here.