Landfish - Chapter #1 – All You Can Eat – COVER.
Episode 1: All you can eat. – [Cover] Page: [1.] [2.] [3.] [4. [Pledge just $1 for more!] – [5.] [6.] [7.] [8.] [9.] [10.] [11.] [12.] [13.] [14.] [15.] [16.] [17.] [18.] [19.] [20.] [21.] [...More soon!] •  Character Refs:  [Shark] - [Fish] - [Able] - [???]

LandFish and Shark is a tale about a duo of hungry vagabond friends as they scramble on a journey around the world to find the 'Best Place Ever' to eat! From greasy diner joint to five star restaurants, they leave a trail of utter chaos and disgruntled servers in their wake, consuming everything they can while escaping The Fuzz!

In episode #1 "All you can eat" Fish and Shark dine at the supposed 'all you can eat meat' restaurant called "The Fatbull" while stressing out a poor waitress named "Able."

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