Hi! Thanks for taking the time to join me here on Patreon, I'll try and be succinct with each post. But first of all- I appreciate the extra step you're taking by investing in my Patreon page- investing in me, be it a dollar or more.

I hope you're comfortable with the idea that you aren't by necessity in direct funding of any work or reward, and that all the content I share is accessible to anyone with the link. I will make sure that there's always something you can take away, though.

You are free to cancel pledges at anytime! You are usually charged on the 1st of each month, and if you've met any problems/concerns regarding billing, do notify me at [email protected].

Objectives, Milestone goals

Like what I expressed on my front page, I think Patreon could be where I open up discussions. There's always a fine line between becoming a collaborator or editor, but I'll not make it sound too fancy- we're just gonna chat, and see how it affects the work.

With each submission I'll state the ideas and goals intended for the piece. You can involve yourself by either critiquing on the process, or the result, whether I achieved my expectations.. the story within, the characterization, etc. Anything. It could go meta, I don't mind. If you have/had a word for me & my art, this is where we can talk.

On Patreon goals: while I never liked routine & schedules, I can't really live without having an organized structure to things. Those milestones I wrote up is more of a formality.. I've always been streaming and putting up the occasional art-related tip/trick when prompted.

If the goals actually are reached, it suggests to me that I have enough interested followers to merit creation of regular content.. I personally feel 50/50 on the such a response, but I'll deal with it when the time actually comes.

Feedback (Patreon)

Usually I feel in-control of how things are set, but I could always do with feedback from you. If you have questions/comments regarding Patreon and me, do pool them here.