Landon mini-comic ch 01 pgs 01-10 thumbnails


Hello! I know I'm SUPER late with this (can you believe I spent a day just creating a 3d model of Landon's house, yeah, I'm extra when I'm short on time), since TINF's anniversary was on Dec 22, but I really wanted to get this whole first section done!

I'd been meaning to start this Landon comic for a super long time after reaching a goal here on Patreon but, because of my schedule, it was pretty impossible. I literally jumped right on it the second I had the chance, so here it is!

I don't have a name for this "series" yet and I don't know how to introduce the sections so I just did a little clipart-type thing LOL. The "6" is because Landon is 6 years old here!

I've split up the story into many sections, each one focusing on a different age + events in Landon's life that I think you'll find to have shaped his character and made him who he is. It explains a lot, imo............... LOLOL

This 1st section--the 1st 10 pages--are available for free to celebrate TINF's 7th anniversary and also as a gift to those who supported me, hoping to see this comic, but I took too long with. So, this is for you! 💕

I don't know what sort of schedule I'll have with this yet but I'll let you all know every time I post some! From now on, I'll be posting these Landon thumbnails for my $3+ patrons. 💘 Thanks so much, again! Please enjoy and let me know if you can't read anything (I know it's small LOL)!!!

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