Lara Croft Custom Casual | v1.5

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v1.5 Technical Fixes:

  • Leg glitch fixed
  • Improvement on rigging
  • Some hairs include lite physics
  • New classic dlc color for Lara's tactical suit
  • Lara's tactical suit can be fitted with any pants, upper clothes & jackets
  • Eyes/Teeth invisible slot for the first-person view (Optional)
  • Sharpened facial normal map
  • Menyoo Outfits Preset Included

Mod Feature:

  • Full Facial Animation
  • Fully Rigged
  • Materials & Textures Optimized
  • Multiple Outfits, Hairs, & Makeups

Lara's components include:

  • 5 Makeups
  • 6 Hairs
  • 5 Clothes
  • 4 Pants
  • 2 Jackets


  • Model from Shadow of The Tomb Raider belongs to Square Enix & Crystal Dynamics
  • Other assets used from Final Fantasy XV, Hidden Agenda, Until Dawn, Sudden Attack 2, Yakuza, Control, NFS Heat, Uncharted, House Party, & FIFA 19
  • 3D Editing & Ported into GTA V by alex189
  • Thanks to saldin93 for the brilliant screenshots & textures!
  • FiveM Port by peregr1ne
  • Converted using Zmodeler3

Credit to the Author for Custom Hairs Alternative (Sims 4):

  • Anto - Esther (Hairstyle)
  • MSQSIMS' Billie Eilish
  • Gaye Hairstyle by DarkNighTt

Big thanks to peregr1ne for approaching me and giving us a solution on making stream-ped to be compatible in FiveM. Much respect for the help & support!

Don't use for p**n & selling the content for your own profit (This mod supposed to be free).