Large Choices MV progress #1

I've begun working on implementing my Large Choices script in RPG Maker MV. 

The purpose of this script is to allow you to show a lot of choices at once, overcoming the limitations that the editor imposes on you.

MV's choice command supports 6 options by default, which is an improvement over 4 choices from before. However, if you wanted more than 6 options, you'd still have to come up with some workarounds.

MV also has scrolled choices by default! It will show up to 8 choices. I may or may not need to do something about this.

MV provides two settings for your choices:

1. Cancel Choice

2. Default Choice

The cancel choice is the same as before: when you press the "cancel" button, which choice will be executed?

The default choice determines which choice will be highlighted "by default". So for example if you want it to highlight the third choice by default, you would just specify this using the Default Choice.

Because Large Choices combines multiple "show choice" commands together, I will need to come up with a way to allow you to work with these settings in an intuitive way.

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