Larissa Reis Is Lady Deadpool By MaximilianDraco

This is a  birthday commission drawn by MaximilianDraco for fitness model and LEGEND 

Larissa Reis...

 "Breast pockets FTW!"
When I came to MaximilianDraco to make this picture, I KNEW it would be AWESOME!!! Larissa Reis is HELLA sexy and the photo of her by Chris Zimmerman is EPIC...she was DESTINED to be Deadpool! Not only did MaximilianDraco do an EPIC job on this commission, but he's also going to be working with me through Patreon. You can commission him yourself, or collab with me and we can share the costs to have him make EPIC art! 

Photography care of Chris Zimmerman

Modeling care of Larissa Reis, Website 
Lady Deadpool care of 
Art care of