Last April Day to Pitch In
Hey Frands and Patrons!

Today is the last day in April to pitch in.

So, if you want to give $1 per month to help me make more Songs The News Taught Me, UnCovered and Music History...Sorta  videos or to bring you interviews with independent artists, please pledge today. 


Music History...Sorta: 

History of Presidential Campaign Songs

Evolution of the Guitar Solo

Songs that were better received than the movie they were written for 

From Vinyl to MP3

Songs the News Taught Me:

Song about a life-sized Noah's Ark going to sea this summer

Song about Boaty McBoatface


We'll have songs from Bon Jovi, Queen, Rob Thomas, Lady Gaga and Penn & Teller. 

Independent's Hall:

New video series to interview other independent artists starting with Megan Barker and Seth Turner

Original Music:

New studio single "Man:Kind". Hopefully with video 

You can help me make all of this art and get some perks as well. 

Peace & Song,