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The Ravens
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You're giving us $1 a month?! WE LOVE YOU! Seriously though.. super thankful. You'll get our endless love along with...

*You'll get a shout-out on the podcast and become an official member of the THT family.
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*You'll get a high quality download of the latest podcast episode ONE DAY before everyone else.

*You'll get access to our Patreon only stream for BONUS content. This includes behind the scenes footage, our episode commentary, & our Pre- Show!

*You'll get a shoutout on the podcast and become an official member of the THT family.

Clothes Over Bro's
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Ouch you're making our hearts hurt with LOVE! THANK YOU FOR $10 A MONTH! If we could smooch you we would. For this level you'll get...


* VISUAL Commentary! That's'll now be able to watch us as we fall apart during OTH! LOL

*Access to SECRET LIVESTREAMS! We'll be planning some fun things for these streams and they will be available to everyone in this tier and above! 

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Tric Team
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The Royal Treatment
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A SPONSOR?!?- You are heaven sent.


*Become a SPONSOR for the show and we will run an advertisement of your choice! Perfect if you have a business, a project, or just want more twitter followers... here is your chance! 

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