Last Day to Sign Up!
Today's the last day to sign up to be a part of the fun in July. Starting tomorrow (as I do each month), I start my next public peribreak. For at least a week I'll be doing only private periscope broadcasts for patrons in $15+ tiers. I love doing the private broadcasts because it means no trolls, no explaining who I am, what I do, why my hair's purple, etc. This peribreak is extra fun because I'm currently in Massachusetts. This week I'll be taking my patrons on a tour of our house (built in the 1700s so it's all historic and cool), tour of the town of Marblehead, fireworks shows, possibly a Red Sox game and Salem too. Additionally as a patron you get the rewards listed in your tier, which includes a raffle for tiers $15 and up. Don't forget, Patreon is a way to help support your favorite content creators, so if you've enjoyed my broadcasts, YouTube videos, social media posts or just want to wish me an extra special birthday this year (July 2 woooo), consider signing up! BUT, today is the last day, as Patreon charges on the first of the month. Hope to have you join our community! xo