Last Development Report
I had some busy months and completely forgot about the development report of April and May. So here's a quick summary of that time frame plus the first half of June.

But first, you all know that FFG is discontinuing Netrunner. This makes me deeply sad. I am also thinking about doing some freelancing in my free time. Probably there will be no major updates to my sites in the future. I think I have already covered the needs of my average user. The servers will keep on running. I will probably be involved in the community driven #future of Netrunner in some way. Thank you so much for your past, present and future support.

Lets jump into the new features:

Tournament Groups
You can group tournaments together. This is useful if they are in a series or they are part of a multi-day event. You can do this by going to the Organize page and select the Tournament Groups tab (requires login). This is reflected on the page of the tournament, example: 

Prize database
I have an up-to-date database on all the official FFG prizes. Big thank you to terrificy, jdc_wolfpack and lepcismagna for the awesome help they provided. If you are creating a tournament on ABR, you can select which prize kit the tournament will feature. This will be reflected on the tournament details page. Example

Prize collection
If you are logged into ABR, you can also record your Prize collection (keeping/wanted/for trade numbers) for each item on the Prizes page. This can be reflected on you Profile page, Prize collection tab. Here's my profile for example. This could be handy if you want to pass on information on the prizes you have and what you want for a trade.

I am sure you are fed up with the flood of emails you got because of EU's General Data Protection Regulation. I had to research into the topic, update my cookie banner and write a Privacy and Cookie Policy myself. Uh. I am happy to report that ABR does not collect any cookie data unless you explicitly agree to it (which helps me btw).

`Adding Vue framework
Vue is a wonderful front-end framework which enables me to develop faster and make more user-friendly pages. From the user's perspective, you can see this as dynamic pages where you can do or change stuff without having the reload the web page. Unfortunately this was added to ABR later on. I don't have the time to rewrite everything, but you can check it out on Tournament Groups, Prizes page, Prize Collection tab (Profile page) and the admin page for prizes.

+ various bugfixes / UI improvements

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