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Last DGC of 2014!
Amazing as it is, this year is come to a close, and today is the last chapter of the year... but not of the story, obviously. I've already loaded up Thursday's chapter. It'll be January 1st in our world but it's still only Xmas eve in Daron's! :-) Enjoy today's post, and remember, I'm taking ongoing comments on your favorite songs of 1991 to use as chapters in Daron's year ahead! In other news, the DGC vol 6 ebook that all Patrons received came out officially yesterday. It could reallllly use some reviews on Amazon, so if you're inclined, please say a sentence of praise or two on that page here: Thank you again for your support! On January 1st I believe Patreon will be charging you all for four weeks of content, since I have posted 4 of these "this week on DGC" notices which trigger the contributions. Fingers crossed that everything works right! Thank you very much! Cecilia