The Last Lost Album
The last album released by the heavy metal band Starfed was titled, "Gift of a Curse" and is the final known recording by Orin Moon before his disappearance in 1996. It was only carried in independent record stores and a handful of book stores before Starfed decided to call it quits. 

This particular album was recorded in a haunted house and features what many believe is the world's first instance of a poltergeist singing backup on the track "Taming the Bastard Beast." When played in reverse, the otherworldly voice seems to say, "We are the shadows and we will be free."

Since "Gift of a Curse" enjoyed only a limited release in 1995, it is a rare and highly sought after relic. A pristine copy of the CD can sell for as much as $250, which seems unusually high until one realizes the ink used in all of the liner booklets was infused with blood that was discovered during the album's recording in the haunted house. The fluid was found in the cellar beside the house, sealed in a small mason jar and labeled, "The Child."

To this day, collectors who are privilged enough to listen to the album claim that upon finishing the final track, they feel a mournful presence sitting next to them or staring at them from the corner of a silent room.