The last of the 33 readings! SORRY ALL! I didn't know how to use the draft system here Ysobel typed these up when I did them a few days ago! Enjoy! We will draw the 44 winners soon and the Soul Chart winner as well! SO EXCITING!
P.B. - Ascended Master is Enoch. Marisa saw a pyramid with 3 stars: one above and one each side.

Cody C. - Your angel is a huge seraphim angel.  Ascended Master is Mary Magdalene.

Tina L. - Marisa saw a hologram of Buddha, and behind that Krishna as your Ascended Master. Buddha will be easier to connect with if you are feeling low / on the lower planes.

Roni W. - Zero light line will help you to connect with source - you don't connect with personalities, more with numbers and colors. Imagine a green orb of light with a 1 in it from above coming down from and moving from your head into heart, with the zero point below. Also, the lion with a cross around its neck (Christ imagery).

Gina C. - Jesus and Michael (aka Christ Michael)

Andy J. - St Francis of Assisi. Make sure to use the zero light line - go into and above the crown chakra and then connect with him. You also have a seraphim angel.