The last of the 33 readings! SORRY ALL! I didn't know how to use the draft system here Ysobel typed these up when I did them a few days ago! Enjoy! We will draw the 44 winners soon and the Soul Chart winner as well! SO EXCITING!
P.B. - Ascended Master is Enoch. Marisa saw a pyramid with 3 stars: one above and one each side.

Cody C. - Your angel is a huge seraphim angel.  Ascended Master is Mary Magdalene.

Tina L. - Marisa saw a hologram of Buddha, and behind that Krishna as your Ascended Master. Buddha will be easier to connect with if you are feeling low / on the lower planes.

Roni W. - Zero light line will help you to connect with source - you don't connect with personalities, more with numbers and colors. Imagine a green orb of light with a 1 in it from above coming down from and moving from your head into heart, with the zero point below. Also, the lion with a cross around its neck (Christ imagery).

Gina C. - Jesus and Michael (aka Christ Michael)

Andy J. - St Francis of Assisi. Make sure to use the zero light line - go into and above the crown chakra and then connect with him. You also have a seraphim angel.

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1 hour healing from Marisa and Marla or another one of her co healers. 

30 minute reading following your healing 

Channeled message from your guides based on what you want them to talk about or you can also get a general message if you don't have questions. 

Marisa will record an audio file for you while she is doing your soul chart scan and may text you to get clarifications on some of the energies she is seeing. 

These sessions are fairly interactive so we ask that you be able to dedicate 1.5 hours to being available to talk and during your healing you don't have to be laying down receiving but we suggest it. 

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As of 4/01/18 the WEDNESDAY NIGHT classes will be limited to Tier 3.5 and above and will not be posted for ALL to see because it was really messing with my life. Doing it this way I can control the energies and still make it so all are healed that sign up for class even if it's after the fact! 

ONLY Space for 40 (just upped to 100 for now to see if I can handle it due to demand.. we shall see hahaha!) students due to my needing to do healing on you when not in class... I want to make sure to have the time necessary to administer these healings without it ruling my life.

I am Light University (old rate)
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BUT YOU HAVE TO EMAIL ME your address to [email protected] every week or I will not know to clear your home. 

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Access to recordings of classes the day after and ability to request your healing at the time of listening to meditation by emailing me at [email protected] to let me know when you are about to do the meditation. This email invokes the healing that I have already done on you and is sitting outside your field.  However I always recheck to make sure you are clear the moment I get your email. 

1 submission into the monthly contest - 1 winner a month ($750 to $1500 dollar value if you win). Either win a reiki reading with Marisa or a Soul Chart that charts out all layers of your soul. The guides decide what the contest will be each month for the $25 dollar tier and for that you are also entered. 

1 submission to the tier 3 ($25) contest of the month (March was 44 + 10 bonus winners) and received the name of their Gatekeeper/guide) April there were 20 Patron names drawn. May we had 33 winners with readings and in June there was 2 soul charts won, July was skipped due to Marisa's brother passing but we are back on track for September! 

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Tier 5 - The Helping Hand - Help out a fellow Intuitive Student or Someone in Need of Healing  

Scholarship money is used for students and clients who can not afford classes, sessions, or healing but desperately need them.  It is up to Marisa to offer the scholarships or to offer sessions that are paid for by this new community fund but if you feel you can give back to the community and need to apply to have the scholarship cover a class or session for you please message Marisa directly and she will ask her Higher Self and your guides what would be most beneficial for all!  

* This will give you access to all tiers below this one and all member benefits for the $25 group including the monthly drawing for a free channeling of your guides. 

Session with Marisa and her assistant
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Session with Marisa one of her healing partners 


1 hour healing from Marisa and one of her healing partners 

You will receive a call from Marisa or a recording after ward or during the healing with your questions answered and a short channeled message directly from your guides then a 30 minute phone call with Marisa's healing partner to answer questions, get psychic answers to questions, mediumship readings, etc.. 

These sessions are extremely interactive so we ask that you be able to dedicate 1.5 hours to being available to talk and during your healing you don't have to be laying down receiving but we suggest it. 

WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING PAYMENTS FOR SESSIONS HERE ON PATREON ANYMORE BUT TO RESERVE YOUR SESSION WITH MARISA and skip the 3 year wait list of 724 people you need to register here then arrange Payment with Marla 760-505-2425 / you can send $500 to [email protected] on Venmo or but make sure to talk to Marla FIRST as Marisa is only doing 5 of these a MONTH until caught up with past month's healings. 

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