Last of Her Hive
I do not plan on expanding this. I don't care if I have scenes of Guide squeeing and wanting to touch Parrish's belly to feel the baby.

I don't normally write pregnancy fics but when I do they're strange.

I have no idea what led me to consider how Wraith breed but what I came up with is deeply and weirdly detailed. Queens deposit developing eggs into male hosts, specifically into the greater omentum (the highly vascularized fat pad that cushions the intestines). Consorts compete for the right to bear their queen's young just as fiercely as they compete to sire those young. There's argument among various queens as to the best way to incubate, from those who implant directly into their ships to those who keep mated pairs of human worshipers for the purpose to those who only use a certain caste of Wraith regardless of the sire's caste. This led into what the Wraith would consider desirable in a mated pair and then how Wraith view sex in general and...

I want to discuss all of these ideas with someone so I can give these ideas away. I'm not sure I want them. There's an entire universe of scenes from this one idea, from Wraith considering being penetrated to be the best and manliest part of sex to post-Quicksilver Rodney being all of the jealous over Parrish's giant belly to Guide finding out about dad jokes.

I'm not sorry.