Last Quarter Cold Moon
"A clean house" is something that seems  to be the golden standard, that holy grail that everyone chases after.   It has become sort of a thing to have shame about having a messy house,  and even worse if things are a bit dirty.

But life is chaotic,  and we don't always have time to do all the things that we want to.  I  know that cleaning is often the thing that doesn't get done around here,  when I get too busy or too tired.  And I have learned to not beat  myself up for it!

Getting upset and frustrated with yourself for  not cleaning when you think you should have, just makes you miserable.   It doesn't actually make the house any cleaner!  One of the great things  bout cleaning is that if I didn't have time to wipe my counters down  yesterday, but today I do, tomorrow it won't matter anyways, they will  need to be wiped down again.  So missing a cleaning here or there isn't  that big of a deal.

We can also use our cleaning time to work on  releasing other things in our lives that have started accumulating in  our dark, hidden corners.  Just like the cobwebs that mysteriously form  on your walls, and when you notice the first one you realize there are a  dozen that must have been there for ages, sometimes you look around  your life and realize you have some bad habits or old patterns that have  just been hanging around collecting dust.

They don't serve you,  and you really don't have any reason to keep doing them, you just are  because you always have been and you haven't paid enough attention to  start clearing them out.  The great thing about this kind of 'hidden  dirt' is that pretty much as soon as you start paying attention it  starts sorting itself out.

One thing you can do, is name your bad  habits and old patterns, and send them out of you into that dustbunny  in your bathroom closet.  Then, sweep it up and take it out of your  house!  As you are doing this, you are also starting to break up the  energy in yourself, so that you can start letting go of these old  energies that are just hanging around because you haven't been looking  for them.

Another place we often beat ourselves up unnecessarily  is with our spiritual life.  Whether you are busy with your job, with  family, or just with life in general, it is easy to set high spiritual  goals and then feel bad because you didn't meet them.

It all  seems so easy when you think about it.  Sure, you can meditate for ten  minutes in the morning.  But then you didn't set the coffee pot up the  night before, and you forgot that you were meeting someone, and you only  have thirty minutes to be out the door, and when you look at the clock  you're already five minutes late!  Stuff happens!

Even if we have  all the time in the world, we may not do all of the things we had  thought we would.  Perhaps you intended to do a full ritual for the full  moon, but you were just tired and wanted nothing more than to curl up  in a blanket and take a nap.  Even if you don't take your nap, you may  have dragged your feet until there wasn't time to do what you had  planned.

This doesn't make you a bad person, nor does it make you  any less spiritual!  When we walk our path, whatever it may be, it will  definitely include work, but the path itself isn't work.  When you are  being spiritual, you are expressing joy in your heart, you are  celebrating with the divine and you are honoring both your own inner  nature and the world around you.  These are not things that we do out of  duty or 'because we should'....but things we do because we want to.

 So if you miss doing something, don't stress it.  If you still have  time to do something, then do it.  If you need to change your plans to  accommodate an unexpected situation, then that is fine!

 Ultimately, there is no reason to get upset with yourself for not doing  something you thought you should do.  The past is gone and done, there  is nothing we can do about it.  All we can do is forgive ourselves,  acknowledge that we had wanted something more, and set our sights on  where we want to go in the future.  Don't focus on what didn't happen,  just set your sights back on where you want to be!