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Last Relax Teaser! You get the album TOMORROW!
Hello everyone! This is the final teaser before the album starts to get released. And, good news, my Patrons will get the album download tomorrow! Yahoo! If you've ordered a physical copy of Relax, or the special book, they will be shipped out in about two weeks, I had a delay with production unfortunately. That said, you will still be getting the very first cds shipped out, and I'm going to sign each one and also include a special thank you note. 

I hope you like this last little clip! It's a song called New Moon Blues. I wrote it during a 'song challenge' day with a few friends of mine. We challenged ourselves to write 10 songs in a day (very difficult!) and I managed to write six. Suprisingly, two of them are on this album! New Moon Blues is a wander through an existential reflection on the daily grind of life and how little we really know about anything when you think about it hard enough. (Trust me, I think about this a lot....especially when I'm staring up at the sky and feeling the weight of being a tiny speck of dust in the universe.  I find I write a lot about the passage of time, aging, reflecting on days and moments... it's something we all go through but rarely think about, y'know?



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