The last release of the month is Gemini!
 Hey guys.

The last release for this month was originally supposed to be Trophy Wife, but I jumped the gun on that particular content, meaning I announced it before actually realizing if it was something I really wanted to do at the time. That doesn't mean it isn't something I wanted to do or won't do at all. It was just a mood thing back then (I was in the mood for it at the time, but not now) Regardless, stay on the lookout for it in the future :)

The problem I have is that I announce content before knowing if it'll actually be something. That said, from now on I'll write a fair chunk of the content before letting you know if it's actually going to be something.

With all that set aside, the last Patreon release for this month, titled Gemini, is done and has a pledge window of 8PM BST (3PM PST, 12PM EST) this Friday.

The themes in Gemini include:

- M/F NSFW Content
- young adult female muscle
- my first attempt at 'crazy' NSFW content

There is very little to no story to it as it's mainly smut in nature, so there's no real synopsis, but I hope the themes mentioned above do the job in enticing. I guess I could just say it's nothing but a m/f sex scene.

If you'd like to own this piece of content, please be pledged at the $4 Tales tier.

Thanks guys :) 

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