The last remnant of the Spartan tongue - the survival of Tsakonian
In my early teens I picked up an Ancient Greek grammar and consumed the book whole. Since then, I've picked up some Modern Greek and read papers by Hellenic linguists, but eventually I set Greek aside. I was shaken back into my old ways when I read that the Doric dialect, the very Greek spoken by the ancient Spartans, still lives on.

Last April I felt compelled to share this discovery with you. I put together a background history on Ancient Greek dialects, then two more subplots that brought us to the present where we meet this rare modern tongue, Tsakonian. But I scrapped the project. Even after revisits, the thing never worked. It was clumsy. It was long. I resurrected the idea once more in December... and this month the video came together! HUGE sigh.

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