The last sunset, onto new adventures.
The view from the old house and studio had some great sunsets. This was one of the last ones. I'm feeling really good to be moving on to a new place, and a new creative space. I'm am overjoyed and feeling so blessed that the momentum is picking up with my art. I was Featured on Patreon This week!!!!! At the top of the page wooo!😃 It's been an intense year.I've been working super hard this year of recovery after all the chemo and surgeries and total hell of the 2 before...I'm coming out of the haze and getting a clearer picture of what I want to do with this life. I have a million ideas for new artworks, new adventures, and a deep well of motivation to make it all happen! It's going to be a good year, in a new place. Thank you to all my supporters for coming with me on this crazy trip, I love you all 💖