So, we all know my podcast is pretty much a monologue unless I have a guest. Well a while ago,  I flirted with the idea of doing some kind of "last word" thing at the end of some eps. The idea was for patron to record themselves reading an article about a subject that pertains to them personally. I wanted it to be exclusive to patrons only  because 1) It's a thank you for contributing to the show and 2) it would draw attention to issues that I may not have seen or even thought about. Kind of like putting up a flyer for a neighborhood event. This never happened, because I didn't have any patrons so I forgot about it. Because of a recent email, I'm reconsidering this again.

So here's what I'm going to do: Starting in January, I'm going to start a trial run of the "Last Word" (for now until I come up with another name.) It will be for the first Tuesday of every month. If it catches on then, I will expand it to every week. So, think of what article you want to read, record it and email it by Dec. 31

Here are some quick requests:

 Please introduce yourself using your name or social media handle AND as a patron.

 Please use a credible source and provide a link to the article along with your                       recording

Please keep recording to MAX of 10 min

Please speak clearly and directly into the mic

If you don't have a "Professional" mic, A Guitar Hero or Rock Band Mic works very well. Just listen to my first ep!

Don't worry about music. I got that.

 Make it count!

As with most things, we'll figure out the rest. This is really a way to learn and have some fun with it at the same time. 

If this sounds like something you would like to do, email recordings and articles to [email protected] with "Bulletin Board" in the subject.


P.S. You will cringe at the sound of your voice BWAHAHAHA!