The Last Word: February MDL
Hey Patrons,

We're gearing up to record the newest episode of Mega Dads Live which means we want your input as our patron producers. For February's episode we need your help deciding the topic for our final segment. Here are your options for The Last Word:

Kojima: We'll take listener feedback and discuss what we would like to see Kojima Productions develop for their first game.

Backlog: We'll run through what games we have held over from  2015 that we'd like to dedicate time to this year.

NX: Nintendo is primed to make waves this year with the announcement and possible release of NX. What does Nintendo need to do to succeed, and what do we want from their next home console?

Let us know which topic you want us to tackle and what your thoughts are on the subject. 

Also if you have any questions or comments for us we'll be more than happy to read them on the air during our mailbag section of our next episode.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to hearing from you!