Late night thoughts from the Cool One.
I had an epiphany tonight, while looking at old video footage of the best shows I've done. I've been going about this the wrong way.

I'm not going to seek dancers to be part of an ensemble anymore. That's not produced the results I want. I've wanted a sort of repertory ensemble for years, but it's always been out of reach. I need to change my paradigm.

Going forward, when I need dancers specifically for group numbers, illusions, etc I'm going to just use hired guns for that particular show. Bring them in, rehearse for a week, do the show(s) and move on. Most dancers don't want to be part of a long term project anyway. It means a different ensemble cast every performance, but that way, everyone else can just focus on being solo performers and not ever have to worry about who is or isn't available for a show. We can still have duo and trio pieces, but I'm not going to build a show/story around those because then the show is dependent on them.

It's just a shift in philosophy, but your investment as a patron helps make that possible.