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[Late] The Phileas Club 103 – Governments Well Run
Hey all! This is a late Patreon charge for episode 103, which I totally forgot to register here last month... Sorry for the mixup; I was a bit taken by all that "baby being born" business, which I guess is as good an excuse as any! Still, it means there might be three charges this month, if I manage to do two épisodes in February. I'm pretty sure I can get a really interesting special out next week, but I'm not confident I can get a regular episode at the end of the month... We'll see.

Either way, this gives me a chance to give you a quick update on baby life!
Things have been going really well so far; not only are both the baby and mother healthy, but in the first week we've managed to establish a routine that works suprisingly well: I take the first half of the night, and my wife the second half, which means we both manage to get a good 5 hours of uninterupted sleep every night, sometimes more! And during my "shift", I can even watch stuff and play games (I just watched the first two épisodes of Altered Carbon on Netflix and have played a bit of Dragon Ball FighterZ and Monster Hunter World; look for my first impressions in an upcoming episode of Pixels! :)
I have however not really been keeping up with the news, or with social netwoks, and I have to say that it is a bit refreshing... I check in a couple of times a day, but I don't read updates obsessively as I usually do. I think I might try to reduce my social media consumption when I get back to work after that paternity leave... 

So all in all everything's been going super well, and I'm really happy I can spend some time with the little one and we can share the workload with my wife. I'm of course looking forward to getting back to work... at some point. :)

Many hugs to all, and thanks as always for your support!