Ok, the first days of January proved to be no different than the expected typical craziness that each new year brings. I am late to send away all the cartel packs, I haven't done a Weekly Roundup in 3 weeks now and I haven't gotten around to do a live stream in ~2 weeks...

Not good, eh?!

  • I'll be sending the patreon rewards tonight, they are all ready off CD and waiting since Saturday in my inventories. To compensate for the delay, I have an extra surprise for all of you.
  • I'll have a special surprise for all of my patrons in the end of my next live show, whenever it happens. Hint: I have too many cartel coins this month.
  • Next month we start the EASIER and (I hope) better way of patreon giveaway and rewards. I hope it will work.

The good news...

It's getting warmer outside. This morning it is only -10 oC :)))