The Latest from My Journey (twin flames)
Just a look at where I'm at right now with twin flames as a subject and what I'm doing going forward. A little time to juggle and find balance, but I can't shut off this part of my life, much though I'd like to in some ways.

It's draining work and those two rounds of hate mail earlier this year really hurt me, but if you let the hate quiet you... god, that's the end isn't it?

Let me regroup, and I'll be back... only I'm going to be blatantly honest. I'm not saying the "politically correct" thing. If I don't speak from my heart and soul, there is no point. It's never my intention to offend, but for some reason, my own truth, some people find offensive anyway.

nyway, it's a Disney night for me and I need it! You all have a blessed evening and read the blog post if you feel so inclined. Much love to you all - Samantha