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Apr 12, 2020

Hello mutants, hope you're enjoying this fine Nuclear Easter Day!

With some of you asking me about the engine, I decided to clarify why I went back to Fallout 2's engine and didn't continue with FOnline's engine.

But first thing's first! Let's talk about the current work being done.

GNN News from the Frontline!

Currently I'm working on the World Map - it's a BIG map, with many exciting things going on.
I expect to work on it all the time and finish it in stages. There will be encounters from the start everywhere on the map, but they will expand over time!

And of course, right now the main focus is getting Tibbets done.

Patrons can soon expect their first exclusive reward and a poll where they get to decide on what content will be done next! 

The Engine

I went back to Fallout 2's engine because of the issues my team had in the past with FOnline engine.

We tried keeping track of it with every update but at some point so many things were being refactored that we found ourselves spending more and more time redoing what has already been done than building content. I remember how at one point, I had to redo all the NPCs and place them on our maps again. That was the moment I thought to myself, this isn't going to work for us.

Of course, that was a long time ago in 2014. and FOnline engine has come a long way.
As usual, cvet has been very busy fixing bugs and adding new features/tools.

I will keep track of FOnline's future and see how it goes, but for this project's sake I'm staying with Fallout 2's engine.

And just in case some were wondering about any legacy art requirements - you won't need Fallout: Tactics in order to play Fallout: Yesterday.
A copy of Fallout 2 (physical disc, GOG, or Steam) will be the only requirement. 

See you soon, 

stay positive and glowing (in the dark)!

PJ & Co

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