Latest Release: Belle & Giselle

Last session being released from the old place, even though it wasn't that last one we filmed (that was Ariel 7 that we filmed in December.)   

Bit of a tricky one this!   

Belle wanted to bring a friend, which I was fine with, but half the shoot seemed to be spent giggling between the pair of them. (Which is why I do prefer to only do multiple girl shoots if everyone's been hypnotized before)  

So yep. Kinda difficult to tell how deep Belle went in this one. 

At times I don’t think she believed she was under… (there are a few moment where she was glancing at her friend in the room and rolling her eyes) but then I had told her at that point to believe mind control to be bullshit, so she was kind of supposed to be feeling that way, and her responses to all the triggers and training generally went really well. Mouth bound shut, and there’s visible struggling to get it open again... automatic mantras, and she blurts out “What the hell!?” in surprise when her mouth’s finished repeating the phrases she’s been given… the relaxation trigger has her head nodding and dropping and she visibly struggles to keep it up, and there appears to be genuine exasperation there when she finds herself forced to throw her bra away every time she tries to put it on. She swore afterwards that she wouldn’t want to be mind controlled in future.  

Towards the hour mark though, she was making more faces at Giselle off-camera than she was genuinely relaxing, so I asked if the pair of them would just prefer to do a fantasy scene, so the second half turned into a HypnoDolls fembot shoot.  

Hope you still find it enjoyable!

New sofas are arriving in the new house tomorrow, so fingers crossed I can be up and running again before tooo long, though fortunately I have had a few Skypenosis offers fired my way. 

Current Completionists should see a copy in their inboxes. 

Everyone else, they're available as a reward from the Mesmerist Tier upwards. 


00:20  Introduction, Lucid Dreaming & Illicit Substances
03:20  Working in a sex shop
04:40  Induction
12:40   Waking, but really wants a nap
14:40  Five Finger Countdown to Sleep
17:50   Hypnosis is awesome! (SNAP) Hypnosis is bullshit!
22:00  How do you feel? “Like I’ve been brainwashed”
24:15  The more she says “Brainwashed” the more her mind goes missing…
26:20  BOUND Trigger training
28:10  Butt Bound in place
28:40  Eyes Bound shut
29:50  Binding her memories of her friend
33:20  Feeling more doll-like
34:50  Belle the Mannequin Triggered to Pose
36:00  Frozen Flyaround
36:35  Mindless Mantra Repeating
38:05  Mental On / Off trigger
38:45  Feedback: What’s it been like so far?
40:05  Frozen in a pin-up pose
43:00  Naming clothing makes her want it gone
44:15  Wants to retrieve her bra… then disown it!
46:00  No idea how to actually wear a bra
48:00  Hey! Talk to my tits, cheeky.
50:05  These are personal!
52:55  Stripped to her panties
53:25   Mindless & Obedient
54:00  AutoPosing
56:00  Belle & Giselle: 2 Girl Fembot Section
57:45  NanoBot Potion
1:01:50 EyeRolling as they’re programmed
1:05:45 Fembot Dictaphone Mantra Mode
1:06:55 Fembot Programmable Locomotion
1:08:45 BelleBot: Seduction Mode
1:10:35 BelleBot: SalesGirl Mode (GiselleBot for Sale)
1:12:15 GiselleBot: Sales Mode (BelleBot for Sale)
1:13:45 Fembot Lovers
1:15:05 Fembot Zombie Walking
1:16:35 Fembot Emotion Control
1:17:15 Seduction Mode into Freeze
1:19:55 Puppeteering Mode
1:21:15 Loop Trigger
1:23:45 Fembot Kitten Mode
1:25:30 Pendant Training & Mantras
1:26:55 Fembot lovemaking mode

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